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  • Womens modest maxi skirts are great for any occasion formal or casual and on sale $10
  • Modest womens fall fashion and back to school styles available! Shop pentecostal fashion today!

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Mission to Reach
Mission to Reach

Apostolic Clothing Co is a mission ran clothing company that works as a source of income for its owners Nathaniel & Leah Johnson - Missionaries to Asia. The main office is located in the United States and all orders are shipped out of Georgia. Your support with Apostolic Company goes to help our mission by supplying

  • Bibles for our study groups
  • Instruments for Worship
  • Space to worship and teach

Working in ministry for over ten years, we want to be an answer to a call that we hear a lot in the church and that is the call for a more modest approach to fashion. We want to be a voice that shows that it IS in fast possible to be beautiful, fashionable and confident without sacrificing ones personal morale.

Apostolic Co.

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