Womens modest running skirts, swimming skirts and dresses, and other activewear apparel.

  • Lets face it, everyone wants to work out and get into shape but its just that "work" part that makes things hard. Although we can't help you with your next resolution or give you a 5 step plan, we can offer a modest way of conquering your work out! These running skirts are made with fast-drying lycra fabric and are extremely breathable allowing for a...

  • Not sure what to buy your loved one for a special occasion? Purchase an Apostolic Co. gift cirtificate! It will be mailed to the address of your choice providing a distinct code containing the voucher amount.  Let Apostolic Co. help you give a gift that is modestly fashionable! Available in 50 and 100 denominations.

  • A classic active wear and casual item!  these zip up solid color hoodies are an affordable and cozy addition to our outerwear line! Made from a cotton and polyester blend of fabric, they are lightweight but still carry a warm and cozy feel. If your taking a job or just need a comfortable hoodie to wear or lounge around in, these are a perfect fit! Made in...

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