Apostolic Clothing Co. is an answer to a cry that has gone on for a long time. It is a cry for a clothing company that would offer a variety of clothing that are modest yet trendy. Joining forces, many companies have come together to create this reality where clothing is not only modest, but also fashionable and trendy.

The idea for Apostolic Clothing Company was conceived in the middle of 2010. I thought about having a company that would bring together many tailors, retailers and manufacturers who had the same views on modesty and fashion. The first phase of Apostolic Clothing consisted of only a few products and one partner but as we began to grow, we have become a conglomerate of many companies and organizations - many Pentecostal, Apostolic and Jewish companies who share the same vision of modesty.

Due to the fact that we are made of many different companies from many different organizations, our modest styles and trends cover every aspect of Christian Modesty. Whether you're looking for a modest knee-length skirt, a long skirt, or customized length, we have them all. We are always in search of new partners and investors. If you are willing to join the team, please contact us at support@apostolicclothing.com.

To know more about us, check out our blog at www.modestclothingblog.com

We DO NOT REPRESENT all Apostolic churches, groups or organizations but being Apostolic, we strive to be a one stop shop for modest clothing and accessories. We constantly look for modest needs and find ways to answer that need. Thats why we are in business and thats why we are who we are.