• Kristen is a modest ruffle tiered maxi skirt with an elastic waistline and full satin lining. These skirts run about 38" from the waistline and come in solid black and black/white polka dots. 

    $64.00 $57.60
  • These skirts are perfect for any season and have a slight elastic waistline for a comfortable fit. They are made from a HIGH QUALITY cotton fabric with a ruffle tiered look available now in navy S-L.

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    $58.95 $29.48
  • With the coming fall season, this maxi skirt sports the right colors and prints needed to make it a wear all skirt! Stara is a 38" maxi skirt with a banded waistline and a gold and black tribal print available in S-XL.

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    $44.50 $40.05
  • Back by popular demand, this skirt is a maxi length (38") skirt with an elastic waist that fits sizes S-L. It is fully lined and has a polka polka dot print making it perfect for any season. These skirts do not last long and tend to sell out so get it while we have it in stock!

    $54.95 $49.46
  • Clara is a classy rust maxi skirt with banded waistline and a mixed floral and polka dot print now available in S-XL

    $38.00 $34.20
  • Nothing says classy like lace and this skirt brings a modest and formal look to any wardrobe. It has a semi elastic waist for a modest fit and a flared a-line look with full lining. Rather you are looking for a perfect skirt for a formal engagement or religious event, this ought to be one of your first choices!

    $59.95 $53.96
  • If you love the cheetah print pencil skirts, you will love this one! Due to popula demand, these maxi skirts are made with the same banded waistline with a slight elasticity for a comfortable fit  and run 36-38" from the wait. These are perfect for any occasion and will never go out of style! 

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    $34.95 $17.48
  • Similar to its predecessor, the Camo Print Pencil Skirt, these skirts have an original camo print and are perfect for casual - outdoors wear. They are made from a slightly thicker fabric then your going maxi skirt  and built to last through time. They have a banded elastic waist line that gives room for comfort and are available in S-XL. If your going...

    $44.00 $39.60
  • An elegant touch to a classic skirt! These mermaid style flared maxi skirts are 38" long and are complete wth a banded foldable waistline and a classic polka dot print. Available in taupe, coral and turquoise S-XL, these are USA made and made with a 95% polyester and 5% spandex for a slight comfortable stretch leaving a 3 inch window on sizing.  These...

    $15.00 $13.50
  • A classic and must have item for any women’s wardrobe! No matter what your style is, everyone could use a few of these solid flared maxi skirts in their closet! these are made with a slight flare giving them a fashionable mermaid look and have a foldible banded waistline. Available in many colors, no matter the top or print you can be sure to find your...

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    $30.00 $27.00

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