20 Tips to Prevent Ruined Clothing
Sometimes you just can't avoid it: you get a run on your stockings on the way to that job interview. A button pops out of your shirt while rushing to church service. The airport manages to lose your luggage, leaving you with nothing to wear but the clothes you have on. Whether it's an emergency or the rigors of every day life, these simple things can help when you need a "quick-fix" to your fashion or clothing emergency.
A Woman for Jesus
The women who followed Jesus have always had a special place in my heart. When I think about women’s role in the body of Christ, they are the first ones who come to mind.
The Harvest is Plentiful, But the Workers are Few
Let’s have some context first; Jesus had been walking through towns preaching and teaching, but there are only so many places he can be. He saw the crowds that gathered to hear him, yet he knew there were many, many more, and he felt compassionate towards them and even thought of them as “sheep without a shepherd”. I believe Jesus knew he’d die and rise again eventually, which meant he could no longer interact with people face to face. In Matthew 9:37 he was preparing his disciples for...
A Jealous Woman
He could have filled his Word with awe-inspiring men and women who selflessly gave their lives to Him without a single struggle or doubt. But that’s definitely not what he did. Why? Because He knows us and knows we need to hear about Eve’s struggle with telling the truth in the garden, Sarah’s struggle with doubt about having a child, and Lot’s wife’s struggle with having enough faith to not turn around.
Two Sisters Who Changed Everything
Sisters. I grew up with two sisters and while we love each other we have hugely different personalities. When we are together you can tell that we have our own way of keeping house, building relationships and going about our everyday lives.
Unshakable Kingdom: Understanding Gods kingdom
Due to the recent election, I started thinking about what our year has been like. Our country has seen some intense sorrow and pain. We have suffered from malice and vengeance. Bother hurting brother in the name of something they believe in. When did believing in something mean a person needed to take someone’s life to get their point across? My heart was aching over my fellow Americans but then God brought this verse to my attention.
Learning to be Stronger: One Year Later
It was a little over a year ago that I was diagnosed with cancer, and only a little while after that that I announced becoming cancer free. I’ll admit, even though it was a short time that I had cancer, that time was the scariest and most upturned times in my life.
Is It Possible to "Disrespect Myself?"
Another way of describing “respecting ourselves” that may be even more accurate is “to think rightly about ourselves” or to “live in holiness in regard to how we think about and treat ourselves.” Disrespect is really another word for “sin” in a lot of ways. If I disrespect myself or someone else, my motives, thinking, attitudes, words and/or actions toward that person are hurtful and destructive.
Sabbath Turns to Surrender
My Sabbath has become a cherished moment in our busy week. At this point in my life, with so many different responsibilities, I pretty much only have Sunday afternoons and Mondays off. Tuesday through Friday is dedicated to Redemption Press, Saturdays are dedicated to women’s ministry tasks, presidential duties for the Northwest Christian Writers’ Association (NCWA),
Applying Psalm 23
Psalm 23 is one of those familiar Psalms that is frequently quoted in times of death or great sorrow. It’s so familiar to many of us that it’s easy to skip over the truth or miss what God is saying to us. There is so much application of Psalm 23 to everyday life, so let’s try to view Psalm 23 with an open heart to what God wants to teach us.
Amazed by Grace
I was suddenly humbled by how much grace God has shown me. How could I ever doubt His love, when He sent His only Son to die in my place? How quickly I forget the magnitude of the grace He’s shown me.
Cultivating Love for God
We start by recognizing our need to increase our delight for God. In order for one thing to increase, another must decrease. Just like Eve in the garden, who saw the tree as a “delight to the eyes” (Gen. 3:6, ESV), so we often turn to temporary things for delight. Our flesh wants immediate gratification. We must confess this and recognize that only the Lord can satisfy with true delight.
Learning to Say “No”
Several days ago quite a few news outlets reported on a scientific study done to test the effects of fasting on our immune system. The discoveries were presented in a paper that suggested that fasting reboots the immune system and encourages the creation of stem cells.
THE SECRET? THEY LEARN TO TAKE GENEROUSLY FIRST. I know what you’re thinking: what do you mean they take generously? These women are some of the most unselfish people I’ve ever met! And you are absolutely right.
There are a lot of stereotypes out there about the “perfect Christian wife” or the Proverbs 31 wife. Most women see her as a stay at home mom who manages to run a business at home, and clean and cook for her family along with making clothes from scratch. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?
Why Modesty
Being a young Christian woman in today’s society is an extremely hard thing to do. I for one, know this first hand as I’ve had to struggle with the pressures of fitting in on a college campus where girls dress to impress and guys are looking for a “quick date”.
Why Wear Skirts
I longed for femininity and would often try to change my wardrobe to become “more girly” or “more me”. My mother tried, my aunts tried, my grandmothers tried; each attempt was of no avail. Every failed attempt I would run straight back to my baggy clothes. (Looking back on these attempts I feel horribly sorry for them and apologize if one of you is reading this.) Trouble was, despite how much I loved the clothes they bought for me, I didn’t feel like me. Being in those clothes and looking in...
Why is it so much harder to make friends as a grown woman? I am by nature, a quiet person, so I am not likely to approach people and start a conversation unless I have to. I had only a few close friends growing up, one of whom I am still in touch with (we have been dear friends for almost 20 years!), but sadly, she lives far away from me so our visits are infrequent
Though we would not choose to walk out of our graduation ceremony and into the plastic surgeon’s office, I don’t think there is a woman alive who hasn’t wished she could change at least one perceived physical flaw. I probably think about it more than I want to admit.
Faith is Power
We live our daily life with faith, faith on ourself even we felt alone, faith on our dreams and faith to fullfill promises. Here are things that may help. LIVING BY FAITH BLOG
Happiness is often associated with having money, having things and having an easy-going life. Can I just say, that is so not achievable? It’s been found that people who have all those things (money, possessions and too much time) can often be unhappy;
We were told how to live, we were probably told to read the Book of John first. You have believed the doctrines of truth, but have you come into the possession of the truth and the power of the truth? The secrets for a joyful life are not fleeting nor unattainable. Are you happy or are you joyful? What is the difference and how do you have either one in this age?
Cassian says the habit of the monks should “aim at modesty of dress as well as cheapness and economy.” Clothing achieves its objective by meeting our needs—keeping us warm, presentable, modest, and humble.
Modesty. The “M” word in our Christian circles. I have written a lot about it from the heart of modesty to what men really think about modesty. Inevitably, people always make a comment about how destructive this concept of modesty is on a girl’s psyche as if somehow covering our bodies oppresses and demeans women. I have been taught to dress modestly all my life, and there is nothing wrong with my mindset or view of myself because of it. In fact, I believe that modesty has done quite the...
Modesty - A Dads Perspective
Obviously, I'm not a woman and can't comment from that perspective; neither have I been subjected to the conservative social restrictions around modest dress, nor to sexual harassment or exploitation – thank God. So my opinions on this matter must be read with a mountainous chunk of salt. But I am the husband of a woman and the father of three sooner-than-I-would-like-it-to-be women. And, I'm a fellow human being, and I think that counts for something.
Having a Modest Lifestyle in a Modern World
It seems that society has no concept of either definition of modesty! In the age of social media, bragging, over sharing, and giving a play by play of one’s life seems to be the norm. Similarly, women (and men!) are dressing in ways that purposefully call attention to themselves. The end goal is to be noticed and talked about, whether it be for good or bad things.
Simplifying your Closet in just 3 Steps
American’s in general are considered greedy by the rest of the world, always needing to have the best of everything, the most expensive toys and the top brands. It is because of this that we are becoming depressed and disheartened as a nation. Worst of all: it’s not what God wants from us.
For those of you reading this, I want you to know I am nowhere near perfect. As much as I would like it, my house is almost never completely clean, my clothes do not match most days, my hair looks like Princess Mia’s before Paulo found her, and my jokes are pretty bad. Along with that, I have feelings, and I am a real person. So as I write this really vulnerable post, please note, I am coming from a raw and vulnerable place and I hope any comments made will be kind.