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How to Make a Prayer Notebook

by nathaniel johnson on October 21, 2018  in all blogschrisitan blogchrisitanityprayerprayer book

This post was originally published January 21, 2015. This is THE most popular post on Intentional By Grace. It has been such a joy and honor to hear women’s testimonies from all over the world about how this idea has spurred you on into greater intimacy with Christ. I’m truly humbled by the response to this post (and video). To God be all the glory!

What’s really amazing is that not only has my prayer life improved drastically in the last few months, but my daily devotion time with the Lord has too!

What did I do?

I created a prayer notebook!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Prayer Notebook!
My prayer notebook is set up to walk me through my daily time in God’s Word as well as my daily prayer time. With my prayer notebook, I’m more organized, more motivated, and more consistent. My prayer notebook is a great tool in helping me be more faithful in my overall pursuit of God and my relationship with Him.

Want to see inside my notebook?

Check out the video tour of my prayer notebook below.

{If you can’t see the video, then click here: How to Make a Prayer Notebook}

Want to make a prayer notebook for yourself?

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a prayer notebook for yourself. I tried to be as detailed and thorough as possible not to overwhelm you, but to supply you with a full arsenal of ideas and inspiration for creating your own system that works for you.

A step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to make your own prayer notebook and gratitude journal. It's simple to set up and effective at keeping you consistent in your prayer time!
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How to Make a Prayer Notebook

What You Need:

  • 3-ring binder (I used a 1.5 inch binder, but some can get by with a 1-inch binder)
  • Notebook dividers (I used some el cheapos from Wal-Mart, but I think these ones with a pocket would be awesome too!)
  • Notebook paper
  • Pens (I’m in love with these pens)

The first thing I did was label my notebook dividers and place blank notebook paper between each tab.

My Prayer Journal Sections Include:

This is a bullet point list of sections I include. I go into more detail for each one below.

  • Personal Evaluation
  • Bible Study
  • Scripture Study
  • Word Study
  • Gratitude
  • Books
  • Resources
  • Archives
  • Daily
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
first page

Mission Statement

In the very front of my notebook, I put my personal mission statement. I’m a big advocate for determining your God-given mission statement. Why did God save you? What is your purpose?

Resources to Help You Develop a Personal Mission Statement

I keep my mission statement in my prayer notebook because I use it to pray daily that God would help me fulfill His mission for my life and for my day.

prayer journal tabs

Personal Evaluation

The first section of my notebook is Personal Evaluation. Each week, I complete a personal evaluation. I believe God gave us example of evaluating our work when He created the world.

If you remember, after each and every creation “God saw and declared it was good.”  To see something means you actually have to look! To declare something as good you have to evaluate what you’ve done! God went over His work to make sure it was complete and perfect. (Ref. Genesis 1)

The purpose of this weekly evaluation is not to determine if I’m good enough or even to determine whether God is pleased with me or not. It is a time for me to take pause and consider if my actions align with my mission statement. It helps me to determine if my priorities are in line. It just gives me a short moment each week for the Lord to search my heart and reveal areas He desires for me to grow in Him.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. ~Psalm 19:14

This is my guiding prayer as I evaluate my life in light of God’s Word.

Resources to Help You Evaluate Your Life

Bible Study

The next section is my Bible journaling section. This is where I am daily in God’s Word writing what He’s revealing to me and teaching me through His Word.

Additionally, I keep a log of all the books of the Bible I have read. This helps me to keep track of what books I haven’t studied, as well as encourage me with how far I’ve come! My goal right now is to study (in depth) each book of the Bible. This means I’m moving slowly, but it’s exciting work and study! I’m loving it!

Resources to Help You with Bible Study

prayer notebook tabs 2

Scripture Study

This section houses all of my scripture memory work. The worksheets I keep in this section help me to keep track of my review process. I’ve used this method for several years, and it works well for me.

Resources for Scripture Study

Word Study

Each year I choose one area of my spiritual walk to focus on. This year my one focus is growing in GRACE.

Therefore, I’ll be using this section to write out Bible verses on the topic of grace, make note of books I want to read about grace, quotes I find that enrich my understanding of grace, and written thoughts the Lord speaks to me throughout the year. As I study this word, this section will corral all that I learn on the subject!

Of course, any other word study I want to do throughout the year will go here as well. This section will be sort of like my very own concordance or index for important words and phrases I want to understand better.

Resources for Word Study:


The next section is where I write down any answered prayer requests, evidence of everyday grace, and pretty much anything I am thankful for.

At the very least, this section stands as a reminder to spend time in prayers of thanks before moving on to the next part of my daily devotions.

prayer notebook tabs


This section is where I keep track of books I want to read, books others recommend to me to read, etc.

Resources to Help You Determine What Books to Read:


This section is self-explanatory, I think. I will use this section to keep track of any resources like study guides, printables, etc.


I’m probably most excited about this section. One of the reasons I never stick with the daily binders I create is because they get too bulky! This prayer notebook is a daily tool, which means I needed a plan for all the “old material.” Hence the creation of the Archives Tab.

As I finish a word study, Bible study or my personal evaluations begin to fill up, I will move these pages to the archives tab. From there, I will transfer them to my reference binder, which I will create and share with you once I get to that point.

I’m so tired of losing the amazing Bible studies I complete, or the journal pages from years past. I want a way to corral my Bible studies into a reference. I think this archives tab will help me to do this while keeping my daily notebook from becoming a reference binder!

prayer notebook tabs 4


The next section begins my daily prayer time. I pray daily for my immediate family – the ones who live under my roof. I have a page with each of their names written at the top, and I’ve written specific prayer requests on each one. In addition, I’ve printed off prayer prompts for both my children and my marriage that I use as a daily guide.

Resources to Help You Pray for Your Family:

After completing daily prayers, I move onto my weekly prayer list. This is where the rubber meets the road for me. So often I would receive prayer requests from others, but I would forget to pray for them. I certainly would never follow up with them! Now I have a place to collect these prayer requests so I can pray for my friends and family more faithfully!

Below is how I broke down my weekly prayers:

Sunday – Church leaders, their families, and our church as a whole (including individual members – pray through the church directory!)

Monday – Our business, finances, and ministries (aka, I pray for you, the one reading this!)

Tuesday – Extended family and long-distance friends

Wednesday – missions and organizations

Thursday – unbelieving family and friends, as well as our neighbors

Friday – Friday Night Meatballs Crew and local friends (not sure what Friday Night Meatballs means, read this post)

Saturday – government, government leaders, social justice issues, and news (this is blanket for everything else with the church and world at large)

{Read More}

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