The Light Hearted Wife


With today’s standards on women, many women are more inclined to expect housework from their husbands and constantly complain about the work they have to do around the house. It can be a wear not only on her husband but a poor example for the children that live with her.

Whether or not she knows she’s doing it, it affects her family. Whether it’s a gripe about an everyday tool or a complaint about extra work that needs to be done in order to do something fun, a grouchy woman is not a woman that God looks to fulfill His roles as homemakers. 

In Proverbs 17:22 the Lord tells us what kind of heart is fit for His works:

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. -Proverbs 17:22

merry heart. How often in today’s world do we hear those words without scorn or sarcasm? I think we usually use those words when describing Mary Poppins, but past that we don’t seem to have an understanding of their meaning in today’s time.

Merry – meaning cheerful and lively is something that reminds a modern woman of Pinterest projects and commercial moms, but past our kids birthday parties, the things we strive for each day are not a merry heart. A clean house? Some down time with a glass of wine? Definitely. But a merry heart is often put on the back-burners of a modern day homemaker.

So how can we focus our hearts to be merry while accomplishing all of the tiring and sometimes dull tasks that we do as homemakers each and every day?


It’s the moments that make up the every day that requires the most attention. While vacations and other big events make up what our families remember of us, it’s more of the little things that define us.

Take time to have dance parties with your kids. Tango with your husband in your socks along the wooden floor. Camp out in your living room under Christmas light stars. Laugh a lot. Be silly. Let your husband and children see your fun side each and every day.

When your child accidentally knocks over the flour, instead of getting angry, start a flour fight. While it will be a bit of a pain to clean up later, it’s a memory that will last forever. Let your child shine when it comes to the everyday.



Is your husband one who loves to have adventures? Whether it be cliff diving, ATV riding, mudding or paintballing. Whatever his fancy, indulge him in it. Let him have the fun with the things he loves to do, and let him enjoy your company all the more. Let him know you love him through it all as you speed past him in a go-cart, laughing all the way.

I can tell you from personal experience there’s nothing better than falling in love with your husband’s laugh. And I’m certain I can say men feel the same way about their wives.



Whether you hum a light-hearted tune while you work, or you make a game out of your children’s chores. Make it so the hard things are not so hard. It’s your job as the homemaker to set the tone and atmosphere in the home and if everyone grumbles when doing chores, (which I’m going to assume is an everyday thing) then you’ve got a huge attitude problem on your hands. Through the fun of doing work together, your family with grow, flourish and become more tight knit. They will always remember how fun mom made chores and how much they loved working with you.



With summer in full blast, one thing you may do for your family is sending them off on an errand and while they’re gone set up a water-gun ambush. Leave them water guns and a note to come and find you. Then attack! I can tell you now, your husband will love this just as much as the children will. Spending your days with the most fun, unexpected surprises around the corner will keep your family happy and on their toes.



Whether you love planting, reading or whatever it is. Take time to make yourself smile. When you feel at peace and happy with your surroundings you are more likely to naturally want to please those around you. If you are grouchy, ungrateful and unhappy then there is no point in trying to please others as you will just come to see them with a poor view. Enjoy each day your given and take pleasure in the small things.

Becoming a light-hearted and merry wife isn’t an overnight transformation that will automatically happen in your life. By creating routines of thankfulness, prayerfulness, and happiness (finding five things to be grateful for every day, praying every day and taking time for yourself) you can achieve so much more with a merry heart than you did before.



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