1. The Light Hearted Wife

    With today’s standards on women, many women are more inclined to expect housework from their husbands and constantly complain about the work they have to do around the house. It can be a wear not only on her husband but a poor example for the children that live with her.

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     I actually wanted to start a YouTube channel for a couple of years now but being a young person I got caught up in other things - like I wanted to be this beast guitarist and then I wanted to get into graphic design and then I wanted to be this crazy martial artist. And I kind've wanted to do all these because I like random stuff. I even wanted to be a ninja and I kind've

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  3. Modesty - A Dads Perspective

    Obviously, I'm not a woman and can't comment from that perspective; neither have I been subjected to the conservative social restrictions around modest dress, nor to sexual harassment or exploitation – thank God. So my opinions on this matter must be read with a mountainous chunk of salt.

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    Anthropologically speaking, women are the primary agents of enculturation in most societies.  Enculturation is the process whereby culture is transmitted from one generation to the next and individuals become members of their society.  Because the mother is the primary caregiver of a child, she is the child’s main influencer and educ
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  5. 5 Lessons Women Can Learn from Ruth
    At the beginning of the book Ruth is living in her home nation of Moab; a place and people that the Israelites frowned down upon. On top of that, she has lost her husband and is now living with her widowed mother-in-law. She also lost her husband without a child, some believing she may have barren.
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  6. Learning to Say "No"
    Several days ago quite a few news outlets reported on a scientific study done to test the effects of fasting on our immune system. The discoveries were presented in a paper that suggested that fasting reboots the immune system and encourages the creation of stem cells.
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    When I was eight years old I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter. Instead of just sticking my feet in and testing out the waters, I jumped in headfirst delving deep into the world of witchcraft and wizardry.
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  8. Battle Hymns for the Fight of Faith

    As my dear 97-year-old grandmother was brought into the room in her wheelchair, it was clear that she did not recognize that “all these people” were her family. I reintroduced myself as her oldest grandson, along with my wife and the three great-grandchildren we brought to see her.

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  9. The Harvest is Plentiful, But the Workers are Few
    Let’s have some context first; Jesus had been walking through towns preaching and teaching, but there are only so many places he can be.
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  10. A Woman for Jesus
    The women who followed Jesus have always had a special place in my heart. When I think about women’s role in the body of Christ, they are the first ones who come to mind. The fact that these women are specifically mentioned in addition to the disciples marks them as important contributors to Jesus’ ministry on earth
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  11. An Encounter With Jesus Through the Hands of a Child
    As the first night of the retreat kicked off, all the retreatants entered into praise and worship. We were also given the opportunity to go to Confession. I wanted to be emptied of my worldliness and sin in preparation to fully receive all the Lord had in store for me as we began the retreat so I took the chance to receive the sacrament of confession.
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  12. 5 Ways 1 Corinthians 13 Will Revolutionize Your Parenting
    often hear 1 Corinthians 13 recited at weddings, but not often as it applies specifically to motherhood. The truth is, 1 Corinthians 13 is an extremely important passage for moms. As moms, we are our kids’ first experience with love.
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