Susan Plaid Dress Now Back with Red/Black Plaid
    Susan has been one of our best selling dresses as of three years ago. Its made from 100% cotton and was made from a concept dress we threw on Instagram as a concept.    People tended...
Dashing Nook Post | Burgundy Buttons
Shannon is a unique pencil skirt with a mandarin style button down look and a hidden back zipper now available in black and burgundy.
Going Basic | Modest Solid Midi Dresses by APOSTOLIC COMPANY
We all need basic modest dresses that can be comfortable enough to wear around the house and fashionable enough to be elevated to a formal style. This is a quick write up showcasing some of our best solid dresses and our best sellers
A Look Into Iris | Personal Review by Leah
Iris is a unique and classy sweater dress with ribbed finish. It has a cowl neckline, long sleeves and made from a warm and cozy stretch fabric. These amazing dresses are blue and black and come in S-XL.
A Look into "Alore"
Alore is one of our best selling fall dresses, combining a modest loose fit bubble look with hidden side pockets, quarter sleeves and a high neckline. These are perfect for accessorizing or wearing to any formal or casual engagement. Now in fall colors like black and wine
Tiffany Review by Katy Mospanyuk
Tiffany is a classy fit and flare modern plaid dress with long sleeves and a blue lined plaid detail. These have a leather cuff and waist detail and hidden side pockets