A Look Into Iris | Personal Review by Leah

A Look Into Iris | Personal Review by Leah

by Leah Johnson




When I first took a good look at this dress, I was unsure about how it would look, feel etc. But upon putting it on I knew it would be a long-standing dress that I would wear many Sundays moving forward. 
Iris is not really a casual wear dress although sometimes it can come across that way. If I am going out on a winter day out, I would definitely sport it for a classy/dressy look under a jacket or coat.


Its made from a thicker and ribbed fabric and is like wearing a thick sweater. When I was doing this photo shoot, even though it was October, I knew I couldn't stay in the sun with this dress because it was super warm. 
Iris - long black ribbed sweater dress with cowl neckline matched with rust tassle hat


Since its a pullover style dress, you would need it to have some stretch to it and this dress has a lot of stretch. So if you are wondering on sizing, you can be safe to purchase your usual size.


Its also good to note that I am 5 2” and this is a maxi length. If you are taller then this, this dress will be more like tea length as it was on the other model who was over 6 feet tall. I actually like this since many maxi dresses require me to wear heels.
Women Iris in blue - modest ribbed sweater dress

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