Going Basic



Hey guys, I am thrilled to talk about this dress called Perch. These dresses are perfect for those who are looking for another solid basic that can be a wear all dress. When I say "wear all," I mean the fact that this kind of dress can be for casual, formal, workplace or ANY place for that matter. 

With Apostolic Company, I always feel like we should offer more basic styles that can be elevated with our accessories or matched with a top or skirt as long as the base colors are the same. This is one of those items where the base colors stick to our fall pallet of mustard, charcoal, wine, etc. This makes it easy to match with our accessories, jackets or layering tops. 

Perch worn with our infinity scarf by Summer


We have other versions of this dress that are very similar with different sleeve lengths such as Mafalda which is a short sleeve version (no pockets) or the Metilda which is a quarter sleeve loose fit dress.

Me wearing Mefalda in black


Metilda quarter sleeve loose fit basic dressSummer Wearing Metilda (Quarter Sleeve) Basic Dress


So rather you're going for short, quarter or half sleeves - we have choices in many colors with all styles that match the current season. I think Perch is one of the better choices because it has a half sleeve that comes with above the elbow so in my eyes its perfect for all seasons.

Perch worn by summer


One thing that is unique about all of these dresses is the loose fit. I am normally a small and wear a small in all of these but even if you are an M or L, in most cases you can still pull off a small due to the loose fit. We had a model who was an XL pull off a Medium and still feel comfortable in it. You may not want to try this at the shopping cart of course - but its good to note that your safe with choosing your usual size.).


Another good note (on a modest note) is that these type of dresses have a modest and high neckline. This lets you wear them out casually if you so choose without any accessories just as an everyday wear a dress. The loose fit makes it extremely comfortable and great for casual wear. I find that If you add a belt or a scarf it gives it a huge night and day change making it more of a formal style. The sleeves are also stretchy so you don't have the jacket buildup you face with other dresses where the sleeves get backed up in the sleeve of the jacket (hate it when that happens). 

My sister in law wearing "Perch" in Mustard


A last good note of this dress is that - unlike the others - it has hidden side pockets. We also have a maxi version the Pocketed Maxi Dress which also have half sleeves and hidden side pockets. When you're wearing a basic dress - especially casually - it's frustrating to have to hold your phone all the time so pockets always help. I hope all dresses have pockets moving forward just for the sake of convenience.

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