How to style a curvy body shape and disguise wide arms

Thick arms are not just a concern for curvy women. Especially in the summertime, when you want to wear sleeveless or strapless garments, many prefer to hide their arms so that people do not notice that area of ​​the body. In this article, we show you some tricks to hide your wide arms and be able to wear summer dresses without any worry.


How to hide wide arms: choosing the right cut

If you are looking for the ideal garment to stylize your arms, you must take into account both the cut and the width of the sleeves. You don't always have to cover your upper arms to hide the area that concerns you. Often, it is also effective to divert attention to other points of your figure that you want to highlight. As with thick legs, wide hips, or a large bust, emphasizing the waist is an option that is quite effective. If you have thin wrists, it is preferable to choose sleeves that highlight them. With these little tricks, the widest part of your arms will look slimmer.


Blouses with wide sleeves help disguise chunky arms

Other tips that you should keep in mind if you have wide arms:


Sleeve shape: Don't go too tight on the sleeves or cuffs as they are not only uncomfortable but also unflattering.

Long Sleeves: With long-sleeved clothing, the arm looks more stretched and therefore longer and narrower.

3/4 sleeves: these types of sleeves cover your arm without squeezing the widest part while emphasizing thin wrists.

Wide straps: sleeveless garments are not prohibited if you have wide arms. After all, tight sleeves often make your arms more noticeable than ever, so you don't need to cover yourself up in hot weather and it's easy to sweat. Make sure to wear tops with wide straps that rest on your shoulders. This way, your proportions will look more balanced.


Note: A conveniently fitted bra helps hide sturdy upper arms. If the bra does not fit well or is too small, it can cause unwanted love handles in the armpit area or the arms themselves.


Fashion tips for wide arms

Some women, regardless of their figure, do not quite feel comfortable with their upper arms, either because it is too wide, too thin, too flabby or too muscular. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your body despite these alleged problem areas and that you do not give up on any fashion trends that you like. However, it can often be a relief to hide certain parts of the body. Whatever the case, you shouldn't make the mistake of dressing like a jacket: it is better to put your best attributes in the foreground and let the small "defects" disappear.


Long-sleeved dresses or layered outfits: jackets can hide the upper arms

You don't have to completely banish sleeveless garments and dresses. You can go for a layered look and pair blouses and dresses in stylish jackets or cardigans.


Garments with wide sleeves and a Bardot neckline help conceal thick arms and wide sleeves hide thick arms.


Tops, blouses, and dresses with wide sleeves are the alpha and omega of styling for girls with strong arms. Of course, especially in summer, you don't need to do without tops and short-sleeved dresses - just make sure the sleeve doesn't end at the widest point of your upper arm. Loose cuts flatter your arms. Of course, it is preferable to avoid balloon sleeves and flashy ruffles, as they create an unwanted overloaded effect. Stretch sleeves should also be out of the question.


Flattering cuts for thick arms

Wear casual cuts to conceal your upper arms. Bat sleeves, which divert the focus from the upper arms, and trumpet sleeves, which expose only the thinnest part of the arm, are especially practical. Also, the Bardot necklines, whether in blouse or dress, are flattering, since the arms are covered and expose the neck and part of the chest. With a jacket or blazer, you make your shoulders stand out and visually balance your proportions.


Semi-sheer or lace fabrics

Especially suitable for summer looks are tops and dresses with wide sleeves made of sheer fabric or delicate lace. As long as the sleeves aren't too tight, you don't have to fully cover your arm. Lightweight fabrics that fall freely around your arm are feminine and comfortable. In addition, it is an option that allows some relief in hot weather if you do not feel completely comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes.


Attention: Large and colorful prints on the sleeves, such as striking flowers, large polka dots, or wide stripes, especially emphasize the upper part of the arm, so it is preferable to opt for more discreet or darker designs for that part of the garment.


Styling tips: what to prefer and what to avoid if you have thick arms


Things to Try:

The wide sleeves are comfortable and help to hide thick arms.

3/4 sleeves, as they divert attention from gazes to slim wrists.

Long, loose sleeves make the arm look more stretched.

Transparent fabrics, because they wrap the arm without completely hiding it.


Things to Avoid:

The fitted (long) sleeves, highlight the upper part of the arm.

The sleeves end in the widest part of the arm, as they create a feeling of compression in that area.

Stretch sleeves, balloon sleeves, and ruffles on the upper arm, as they are not flattering.

The striking prints on the sleeves, because they focus the attention on the upper arms.


In summary

If you have wide arms and want to hide them, you can do it by following some simple and effective tips. Wide sleeves and loose-fitting cuts deflect attention to other parts of the body (such as the wrists, shoulders, or waist), making them especially flattering. With boleros and cardigans, you can wear any type of outfit. In the summertime, when the temperatures are warmer, you don't have to give up sleeveless garments, just make sure that the straps are wide, comfortable and do not emphasize your arms excessively.


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