Modesty. The “M” word in our Christian circles. I have written a lot about it from the heart of modesty to what men really think about modesty.  Inevitably, people always make a comment about how destructive this concept of modesty is on a girl’s psyche as if somehow covering our bodies oppresses and demeans wome
The Lies We Believe as Christian Women
I’m sure we can think of some of the things that secular society has lied to us as women in general. “You need to dress a certain way to get a man!” “Feminism is the way to go!” “Only look out for your own interests!” “Kids are a hindrance to your goals in life!” “Lying to your husband is fine!”
The Generous Woman
So, what is the secret behind their generosity? How can they give and give and give without collapsing entirely? THE SECRET? THEY LEARN TO TAKE GENEROUSLY FIRST. I know what you’re thinking: what do you mean they take generously?