Modesty. The “M” word in our Christian circles. I have written a lot about it from the heart of modesty to what men really think about modesty.  Inevitably, people always make a comment about how destructive this concept of modesty is on a girl’s psyche as if somehow covering our bodies oppresses and demeans wome
When I was a lot younger, I wore clothes that looked more like underwear. On days when I felt like being conservative, I wore hanging blouses, if not low neckline tops, paired with...
Why Modesty
Being a young Christian woman in today’s society is an extremely hard thing to do. I for one, know this first hand as I’ve had to struggle with the pressures of fitting in on a college campus where girls dress to impress and guys are looking for a “quick date”.
The Generous Woman
So, what is the secret behind their generosity? How can they give and give and give without collapsing entirely? THE SECRET? THEY LEARN TO TAKE GENEROUSLY FIRST. I know what you’re thinking: what do you mean they take generously?
7 Quotes To Remember When You’re Surrounded By Negativity
The world is full of opportunities to compare ourselves to others, hoping they’ll approve. When we do, we usually end up falling short of their expectations and ours. The reality is, however, that we are rarely comparing apples to apples because we only have part of the picture.
Why is Modesty Such an Issue
Why is Modesty Such an Issue? Fashion choices in retail stores have already shifted to cooler colors and lighter weight fabrics. While lightening the color depth and fabric weight for spring and summer garments, at the same time the fashion industry tends to minimize the amount of fabric that they contain. As a Christi...
Adele : "Modesty Is Crucial For Success
Everyone is talking about Adele's performance during the Grammy's. It was full of technical difficulties and other blunders.
New Awakening of Natural Beauty: Why Others Are Going Makeup Free
Apostolics are usually taunted for their belief that women can be naturally beautiful without the use of colors, paints, and jewelry. This is due to Christian culture and New Testament commandments.
Stephen Curry's Wife Sparks Modesty Debate on Twitter
Ayesha Curry caught the attention of many women when she tweeted about sexy dressing. “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.”