Say YES To The Dress


When a Christian dresses like Christ, they will display to the world their new position, personality, and priorities

Colossians 3:12-17

the Apostle Paul encourages Christians to daily put to death any sign of sin that might try to wrap itself around us, or sin that we

start wearing….the old nature reflects an out-of-date style that a Christian should not even attempt to try on.

  • In verses 12-17, we find Paul uses the same “clothing” language, but this time he is going to encourage Christians on what they

should wear or “put on”. Remember, this letter is written to Christians who have been under attack by false teachers who have sought

to divide and conquer their church; but the more they stand on the Word of God and live out His Word, they will be able to

overcome any assault.

  • Why is it important to dress like Christ?
  • Ill: I do not like dressing rooms, or having to try on clothes. If the numbers are close, and I like the look, I just buy it. (but that

laziness has got be in trouble)

Proposition: When a Christian dresses like Christ, they will display to the world their new position, personality, and priorities

Say Yes to the Dress.

  1. My New Style Reflects My New Position (3:12a)
  2. “Chosen” – elect means to be chosen. Ill: just as we choose a puppy from the pound or fish from the pet store…

the power to choose rests only with God. God chose Israel, David, and these believers.

  1. “Sanctified” – means called to live holy/set apart lives. 1 Peter 2:9 We have not been saved in order to wear

the “enemies” merchandise.

  1. “Loved” – we are objects of God’s great unconditional love
  2. My New Style Reflects My New Personality. (3:12b-14)
  3. “Serving Others”
  • Notice the clothing options are all characteristics needed as we interact with others.
  • Tender mercies (heartfelt compassion) & Kindness
  • Humility & Meekness; strength under control, opposite of pride.
  • Longsuffering & bearing with one other speak of enduring or holding out in spite of negative results or output

from others. It speaks of not easily giving up on someone, even if that someone is difficult.

  1. “Forgiving Others” – Even if someone strikes first, be quick to forgive. Eph. 4:32. If we are not able to forgive, we

are not wearing Christ.

  1. “Loving Others” – “Above all, put on love which is the bond of perfection.” The overcoat that wraps all our new

dress together is God’s love. God’s love is

  1. My New Style Reflects My New Priorities. (3:15-17)
  2. Allowing the Peace of Christ to rule my heart.
  • The command is to allow God’s peace to rule or govern your life. “Rule” means to referee or to the umpire. Ill: In

the garden, sin removed the peace man had with God; now they fear.

  • When we are at peace with God, then we will be at peace with each other. God’s peace always invites unity in

the church. Ill. Jonah thought he was at peace in the ship, but sin brought trouble to the crew.

  • Peace with God also invites us to be thankful and content, no matter the circumstances; resting that God is

with us.

  1. Allowing the Word of Christ to richly dwell within.
  • As Christians, we choose which umpire we will listen to. The ump’s job is to call the game by the written rules.

Paul lists two ways that we allow the Word of God to dwell in our lives:

  1. Worship through preaching, teaching, learning
  2. Worship through singing and praise
  • God’s grace is the foundation of our worship. Without His grace, we have no reason to grow or sing.
  1. Allowing the Name of Christ to resonate in all I do.
  • When I am clothed to act like Christ, then everything I do represents Him well. Let others hear you say the

name of Jesus!

  • Again, when I am walking close to Christ, a thankful heart is a natural overflow of my relationship with Him.
  1. Application: Paul is also writing these verses to give the church the most perfect formula for church unity: “If you

want real unity in the church, all of you put on love. Let Christ’s peace run all over you. Dwell continually in God’s

Word, and in everything you do, do it with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus.”

Conclusion: Ill: “The clothes make the man” Have you ever put on the wrong clothes for an event? Shorts, and everyone is dressed up? Dressed and everyone is causal? A Christian never looks good, out of dress code, in this world.

  • When I have the right clothes on it puts us in the right mind to properly receive and learn God’s Word as well as sing praises with


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