20 Tips to Prevent Ruined Clothing

Sometimes you just can't avoid it: you get a run on your stockings on the way to that job interview. A button pops out of your shirt while rushing to church service. The airport manages to lose your luggage, leaving you with nothing to wear but the clothes you have on. Whether it's an emergency or the rigors of every day life, these simple things can help when you need a "quick-fix" to your fashion or clothing emergency.

- Stop your sweaters from shedding by leaving them in the freezer overnight before each wear. Just put in a Ziploc bag and shake off before putting on.

- You can also get rid of pills and help prevent shedding by running a razor over your knits.

- Remove bad odor from jeans and denims by putting them in a plastic bag and freezing them overnight. It kills most odor-causing bacteria and prevents denims from fading. Note that this is just for a quick fix. You will have to wash them (eventually) and keep those jeans clean.

- Use baking soda and lemon juice to remove armpit stains. For tougher stains, rub a paste of baking soda and lemon juice on the stain, let sit for up to an hour and then rinse off before throwing it in the wash. You don't want everyone to know your "secret".

- You can also use the foam cover of a dry clean hanger to remove deodorant marks from shirts and jeans. Note that the dye from the denim might transfer onto the fabric.

- Fix foundation stain by wiping a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pre-treat it before washing.

- Don't have time to wash your shirt? Spray some vodka on it and let dry. The alcohol kills odor-causing bacteria.

- Use hairspray to remove lipstick stain. Just spray on the fabric and let sit for a few minutes. Dab on the stain with a tissue or clean cloth and toss it in the washer. NOTE that this only works for NON-DRY clean fabric.

- Temporarily tighten loose arms of your glasses with clear nail polish. Just dab some on the hinge and let dry.

- Clean stubborn dirt off suede boots by buffing it out with a nail file.

- Nail polish can also help prevent loose button thread from unraveling until you can get your hands on some thread and needle.

- Use petroleum jelly and a cotton bud to fix scuff on patent shoes.

- You can use lotion instead of shoe polish to bring leather back to life. Just buff with a towel.

- Pour some baking soda in your sneakers after a workout to soak up sweat and eliminate odor. Just remember to shake off and brush out the excess before wear.

- Use adhesive moleskin to fix exposed underwire in your bra.

- Remove red wine stains by soaking the spot in white wine to pre-treat before washing.

- Use dish washing liquid to lift oil stains from delicate clothing.

- Stop a ladder (run) on your tights or stockings with clear nail polish. Freezing them overnight before use also helps extend their life.

- Fix a stuck zipper with a cotton swab and petroleum jelly. You can also rub the lead of a pencil onto the threads to unstuck your zipper.

- Bubble gum on your clothes? Rub an ice cube on the area as soon as you can. This hardens the gum, making it easy to scrape off! This also works on furniture.

What other quick fixes do you know? We would love to hear from you in the comments section!

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