Having a Modest Lifestyle in a Modern World (Guest Post)

It seems that society has no concept of either definition of modesty! In the age of social media, bragging, over sharing, and giving a play by play of one’s life seems to be the norm.  Similarly, women (and men!) are dressing in ways that purposefully call attention to themselves.  The end goal is to be noticed and talked about, whether it be for good or bad things.

But then there are some people, maybe even a just a small group, who consciously strive for a modest lifestyle. Most people who believe in modesty would agree that it is not just an outward issue; one must have a modest heart and attitude before any physical changes can be made.  What does it mean to have  a modest lifestyle, though?

A modest lifestyle means simplicity.

It means

  • everything in your home serves a purpose or brings you joy
  • if you choose to connect with people on social media, you know what should be kept private and what is acceptable for sharing
  • spending your time wisely
  • not needing the newest gadgets and products
  • not desiring to be the center of attention all the time
  • knowing how to entertain company without going overboard
  • being mindful of spending and saving
  • considering the words we speak (are they uplifting, insightful, friendly, etc, or are we just making noise?)

Faith based bloggers sometimes face criticism for their work, not because of content, but because of the very fact that they are sharing their life with strangers on the internet.  It could certainly be argued that blogging is not conducive to a modest lifestyle, but I believe it’s acceptable if the author’s intentions are pure. I am not writing to “hear myself talk” so to speak.  I write because I believe what I have to say is going to benefit or be appreciated by others.

If you desire to create a modest lifestyle, I encourage you to pray about it and ask God to direct your actions.  Maybe it’s time to declutter your home, cut back on social media, be content with what you have, and to start managing your money more wisely. It could take some time, but do not become discouraged! When you live a modest lifestyle it is easier to focus on the things that are more important: God, family, friends…

Having a modest lifestyle can sometimes seem not worth the effort, but let me assure you: it is.When we as Christians purposefully live differently from the rest of the world, people notice.  They may not be able to pin point what is different about us, but they will be curious.  God works in amazing ways, and your choice not to share every detail of your personal life on Facebook might just the seed He plants in the heart of a friend.



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