Vintage Fashion: 90s Hair Accessories are Back!

Vintage fashion: hair accessories that were all the rage in the 90s and are now back

All Fashion Comes Back Around

In fashion, everything comes back. From apparel and footwear to accessories, everything at some point makes its triumphant return. This 2019, the great protagonists in accessories are four and they come from the nineties. The scrunchie, the large hooks, the buckles, and the zig-zag headbands are the trends that cannot be missing from the accessory set.


These trends did not appear in fashion just because. The models, girls, and influencers were not the ones in charge of showing them on their social networks either, but the real promoters were haute couture firms such as Gucci, Alexander Wang, and Versace, which incorporated these accessories on their catwalks.


Low-waisted jeans, pencil around the lips, flip-flops with heels, false nails… In 2021, all these trends that we thought were over are making a comeback. Regarding hairstyle, three improbable accessories are squatting the hair of fashionistas this year. Take a look at these WTF parts you won't be able to do without!




The scrunchie or the hairtail was also the protagonist of 2018, but this year it will also be in force. In high or low ponytails or to make braids or buns, ultimately its function is to hold the hair, especially in more informal hairstyles.


A great return among the spring-summer 2021 hair accessories also for the scrunchies, better known simply as a tail stop. With a curled and soft appearance, they are much more than just elastic bands but real style details. Beloved in their velvet version, they are ideal for the spring season and immediately give the hairstyle a vintage allure.


Perfect for those who love to keep their hair up, scrunchies do not tighten too much, thus avoiding knots and broken hair. The hairstyles with which they lend themselves best? The simpler ones like the high ponytail, the messy bun, and the top knot.


There are many shapes, colors, and also various materials, such as chiffon, patent leather, woven, python, satin, and, of course, traditional cotton.



It is the true "revival" of the nineties. The colored buckles came back and came back with everything. Gucci and Versace bet on this accessory as the accessory of the season and created one in gold with a heart, while Gucci made a buckle with the brand's letters.


The traditional triangle buckles are also back and everyone wants to show them off. The trend is not only to use one but several at the same time and from the same side. They can be of different colors, sizes, and models.


Zig-zag headbands

These headbands in the nineties were very popular. They fulfill the function of holding all the hair and leaving it completely taut without any loose hair insight and the forehead clear. One of the great advantages of this "wild card" accessory is that it adapts to any hair color.


A must-have for David Beckham 20 years ago, the zig-zag headband is back to fit into our hair in 2021. Ideal for clearing our mane this season, we should keep it clean to avoid the zig-zag effect in our oily hair. Here we love this accessory considered for a long time to be ultra old fashioned. We advise you to wear it on well-untangled or even straightened hair and adopt a monochrome look to tone down this strong piece.


Crocodile Clip

The crocodile clip is the accessory you'll see on every head this season. Practical and versatile, these pliers with long “teeth” allow you to create several hairstyles inspired by the beginning of the millennium. It’s Bella Hadid’s favorite piece, as she uses it to lift her hair with a palm tree effect. Available in all brands, we advise you to get it in multiple shades because you will not be able to do without this piece to be carelessly stuck in your hair this summer.



The hooks were never out of use, but in his latest show, Alexander Wang made them even more famous in the world of luxury fashion and the runways at New York Fashion Week.


They come in all sizes, colors and even have prints and engravings. Micro hooks, small, medium, and large, are ideal to collect all the hair during the summer, do gymnastics, or be at home.


Rounded headbands Are Now In!

Trend launched by Prada in 2019, still today the rounded headband is a must-have hair. Although it is among the most desired and purchased 2021 hair accessories, there are rules for wearing it to perfection. The first? If you want to play with chromatic and material contrasts, the rounded headband lends itself perfectly: on platinum blonde, a black velvet model is ideal, while on brown and red hair the contrast is irreplaceable with a bold blue headband perhaps in satin.


Rule number 2, also pay attention to the height: the rounded headband is good if you are particularly tall, while the petite can choose less thick models and thinner materials. As for the colors, go ahead for creativity, creating colorful outfits or more elegant and sober.


Mini Pliers Make a Comback!

We collected them by the dozen. The 2000s mini-pliers have that regressive and cute side that the younger generations completely fall for. In all colors or even in the shape of butterflies, we hang them all over our hair to release them originally. Now all you have to do is head to Claire’s to follow this trend that will take you back to your teenage years.


The bijoux clips

Simple but effective, the bijoux pegs, but also colorful, have reappeared since the 90s, striking at the heart all girls - now women -, who grew up in the early 2000s with TV series such as Strenghe and Beverly Hills and are now ready to wear them again. Iconic and a symbol of an era, today the clips are back in the limelight becoming one of the hair accessories of SS 2021.


Already sported by some girls such as Chiara Ferragni and Lucy Hale, the clips give a precious touch of color even to the simplest high ponytail. Ideal for every day, they are also an excellent hair trick to combat bad day hair and appear with perfect hair even in the video call.







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