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Dont Be That Person at the Wedding Who...

You were invited to a wedding, but you don't know which dress to choose to avoid mistakes and make the right choice? The bride will always be the main figure at the ceremony. The portal www.svadbagolik.ru will tell you about such outfits that it is better not to choose for a wedding because one incorrectly chosen bridesmaid dress can ruin the youthful mood for the whole day and act as an annoying factor.


Wrong Wedding Attire: Which Dresses to Avoid?

A wedding is a great event for everyone. The bride and groom are always in charge. Sometimes some people invited to the celebration make mistakes when choosing a dress and unwittingly overshadow the bride. We present you the top 8 anti-outfits and tell you which dresses you shouldn't wear for your wedding guests.


Mini length dresses

The short length of the dress (slightly above the knees) is a sign of the vulgarity and excessive sexuality of the girl. With such an outfit, you will demonstrate your availability. Yes, and at the holiday you want to have fun and not think about anything, but in such a dress you will need to control many moments: how to sit at the table, how to dance neatly, how to participate in competitions. If long dresses don't suit you, don't opt ​​for over-the-knee lengths.


Too elegant and bright dress

The bride is the main figure of the celebration. The desire to stand out and attract all the looks of yourself is perfectly acceptable at any event, but not at a wedding. Avoid bright sequins, sequins, beaded, and gemstone dresses. Indeed, in such an outfit at the wedding, you will compete with the bride in all the photos and, possibly, displease other guests. It is better for girlfriends to choose classics. An exception is the request of the newlywed herself to choose shiny and chic dresses. For example, outfits for celebrity bridesmaids are often chosen to be bright and beautiful.


White wedding dress

White wedding dresses for guests are the most important mistake, only if such a palette is not indicated in the dress code for guests. In other cases, no one has the right (from a moral point of view) to come to the celebration in white or milk color.


In such an outfit, you will look ridiculous and stupid in the eyes of other guests, and the bride may regard such a gesture as an insult to her side. This applies not only to dresses but also to pantsuits and overalls. Leave white for other activities in your life.


Black outfit without any elements

Little black dress for the party - yes! Wedding dress for guests - no way! Black clothes without trimmings and elements of a different color look too mournful and sad at such a bright holiday of life - the birth of a new family. Your seemingly stylish black dress can ruin the atmosphere of celebration and fun.


Black wedding dress

An exception may be a black or dark blue printed cocktail dress for a wedding. However, here you need to choose the right style so that your wedding attire as a guest is not gaudy. Avoid long-closed dresses, opt for knee-length dresses.


Bright red dress

Red is one of the brightest shades in clothing. Choosing a red outfit can show your insolence, a desire to outshine the bride and be the brightest at the wedding, even if you did not have such a goal. It is so arranged that the red color attracts attention and catches the eye first of all, and then all the others. This should be avoided if you are a wedding guest or, more seriously, a witness.


Dress in a full skirt and corset

Such outfits for girls, in addition to attracting the attention of all guests at the wedding, can demonstrate your bad taste. A dress with a fluffy skirt is more suitable for prom, although recently girls have opted for a simple cut and natural fabrics. In addition, it will be uncomfortable to walk with a corset all day and have fun at the wedding. And you will look strange. Opt for a classic bridesmaid wedding dress with a straight skirt and no corsets.


Too open and vulgar dress

White bridesmaid dresses and revealing wedding dresses for bridesmaids are incompatible concepts. For a wedding, you should not wear a dress that is off-figure, tight-fitting, or pin-up style. You can always emphasize your merits with a neater outfit or with the help of chic accessories and hairstyles. A dress that strongly emphasizes the charms of the figure will emphasize not only your sexuality but also promiscuity. Don't draw too much attention to yourself, wear a stylish but modest dress.


The outfit that violates the dress code

Just imagine how silly you would look in a dress that does not match the dress code for guests. Not only that, it will surely upset the bride and make you a black sheep in all photographs. The newlyweds have the right to choose any theme for the outfits of the guests. This could be All Black, where all bridesmaid wedding dresses should be black. It looks very stylish and concise. Or the bride will choose for herself a red or black wedding dress, and the guests will be offered a white or milky color scheme.


All Black Dress Code for Wedding

Retro dresses and costumes for guests look stylish and tasteful, which will make your wedding bright and special. At the same time, the outfits do not have to be the same: they can be sewn to order similar, but different.


Retro wedding dress code

The dress code applies not only to girls but also to guys. For example, the wedding invitations for the guests indicated men's outfits with bright jackets, and you came without him in a white short-sleeved shirt. Try to match the declared style of the wedding and do not disrupt all the plans of the newlyweds with an unsuitable outfit.



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